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Solar Reflective Suede Reflectometer D8-6

Solar Reflective Suede Reflectometer D8-6
Product name:  Solar Reflective Suede Reflectometer D8-6
Detailed introduction:

Solar reflective efficiency measuring instrument D8-6

Specially developed for the measurement of solar monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon cells (automatic measurement equipment)

❖With or without texture

Single point of measurement time<0.2S, high accuracy

Repeatability (STD 10 times 1 Sigma): < 0.05 %

Reflectance measurement range: 0-100%

❖The standard sheet has a special surface roughness treatment

❖Suitable for Sample with large surface roughness

❖ Electric XY translation stage, which can automatically select the measurement position

❖Measurement of Solar Cell reflectance, anti-reflection layer (anti-reflection layer) film Thick, measuring time 1-3S

❖The software can be divided into Engineer Mode&Operator Mode suitable for online detection

❖ Monitoring) -Option

❖Cassette Loading-Option