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Raman spectroscopy
Raman spectroscopy

Micro Raman

Micro Raman
Product name:  Micro Raman
Detailed introduction:

Application field:

※ Nanoparticles and new materials, research institutes, biological science
※ Forensic identification, material science, medical immunoassay
※ Agriculture and food identification, water pollution analysis

Product Features:

Automatic Raman experiment, automatic focus, automatic scanning 

Ultra-high sensitivity, sex-to-noise ratio>6000:1                      micron level

True focus to ensure more accurate Raman images ;      3 million cameras, clear and precise images

Extra High Spatial Resolution                                    Excitation Wavelength:

Unique software control switching optical path                    532, 633, 785, 830, 1064 optional

Super high stability                           

Imported optical components, good product performance                      ;     USB2.0 interface directly connected to the computer